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How much do you value a box hit?

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Posted: May 31, 2009, 5:05 am - IP Logged

Whats up LP forum?See Ya!  Iv been away working hard behind the scene's with the daily Numbers games, mostly pick 3 and some pick 4 stuff.  Most of the time i come almost all the time to close to hits left n right just from one digit off....then there are so many hits.  I can almost narrow down the pick 3 to a 50% chance of winning box everyday. I like working torward str8 cause well the payout is just so much more as we all know :)  I have so many countless ways to get right pair after right pair to hit but i am somewhat clueless about the last number. Now I know every time someone that posts numbers for any givein system that hit, you mostly see the people that live in the exact state that hit are the ones who really appreciate them. So im guessing every likes to play just their own state instead of playing all states?....even though I believe more profit can be made when playing by all states.

What i want to do is learn from my peeps on the lotto forum is to what would seem to work best for you(when playing box)? I know i would want just one set number to play and let it hit that day on all states to make profit if I know it was going to hit... in reality thats all you need is just one box number set to play per mid day or evening if you know which time it was going to hit. Then money can be made though this for my online allstate players. Althought their is ways to find hits for your own state Wink

So what do you think about a 90% guranteed 1 out of 6 box hit everyday? Since one box hit is worth 150$ online ($300 if double) then that would mean you could play at least up to 3 number sets from those 6 on all each 37 states includeing canada for a total of $111. And at a 50% chance of winning every day if it hit would give you a profit of $39 a day.Big Smile A month would be $1170 I know its not much but its still possible.

If any one can get less box number sets to hit and play per day to make profit please add your input. How much value does a box hit really mean to you? Not to mention if you did have just that one box hit it can easily be converted into a str8 on all states for a nice big hit. In the end i know we all play for fun but we really do want to make some kind of money back from our spending. It just feels good to WIN!

Anything is yours, if you only want it hard enough. Just think of it. ANYTHING. Try IT. You will succeed.Wink

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    Posted: June 5, 2009, 1:00 am - IP Logged

    I would take a box hit over no hit at all anyday. Of course a st8 would be great but at least with a box it is not a total lossCool

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      Posted: June 5, 2009, 1:38 am - IP Logged

      I would take a box hit over no hit at all anyday. Of course a st8 would be great but at least with a box it is not a total lossCool

      i agree something is better than getting nothing