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To all current and FUTURE players of my P3 Challenge!!

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Posted: July 10, 2009, 5:40 pm - IP Logged

I am so proud of each of you, your numbers are really taking off...  However!!!  For my next Challenge starting on 7/15, I am going to sweeten the deal just a bit... 


I would love to see the Big posters post on this one, Jack-c, Maddog, Mike, TODD!! ETC....  The top 2 winners of next weeks challenge will get a gift from me, Your predictions have set me back to the point of "Oh Crap" I must predict better or I will Lose (Thegee can account for this as he/she is #2 right now)  Now on this challenge coming up I am out.  I want to see everyone shine. 

The First place winner will get a 1 month PLAT membership paid by me, and 2nd will get a 1 month Gold, NOW if you are the winners and have it already, I will add 1 month prepaid to your membership.  In the event there is a tie, then well....Ok I will Pay for two or more to have it.  LP has some great features on board, and I want you to experience it for yourself. 


Here is what I want from you, POST YOUR NUMBERS, GET FRIENDS in this site, HAVE A GREAT TIME!!  I want everyone in the world to see that our family is just that family.  We care, We Cry, We Move Forward!!  I want new members in here ready to post, lets see em.

Todd has been wonderful in this, he has dealt with me, more than my boss, and I know she wants to fire me, but TODD keeps me on...Thanks TODD you do so much now its my turn.


Good Luck to all, as I will post the "Official Rules" on 7/14.


Thanks again to all who have put up with me.



a/k/a  Chattanoogadog

I found this kinda strange at a local church the car had a bumper sticker "Play GODS LOTTO, if you are good and your number is up you win!!!!"Big Grin Angel