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For Friday, the 11's had it followed closely by the 51s

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Posted: July 11, 2009, 7:48 am - IP Logged

      Sometimes things I see just sing to be noticed beyond the mundane.   Almost every day with the lottery falls around the USA, similar/like/same numbers fall, sometimes exactly the same numbers.   As I glance at Friday's falls, I am struck by the 11s as in

1137 - 1145 - 1157 - 1160 - 1167   followed by the quantity of 51s that fell in the P-3 and P-4.

       11 in numerology is one of those special 'pure' numbers that stands alone and really should not be reduced to 2.

       Oh, but wait, today is 7/11  (I do like that number 711), and, drum roll please, we have a big fishy PISCES moon! 

        So there are intuitive influences all over the place with Sun/Mercury in watery Cancer.  Cancer enjoys the 2s and 7s while Pisces technically likes 3's and 7s (but here in DE, Pisces likes the 4's and 2's).  Gemini also gets in the act late, late tonight with Mars moving to Gemini to scatter all that focused energy around (and the Twins also like the 2's, 3's and 5's with Mars being aligned with the Fire attitude on 9s).

         Maybe the influence of the 1s will carry to the P-4 and we will see some 111 action like 1113, 1117, 1119.  We've already seen 1150 a few times, maybe 1151 or 1105 will show.  Or, maybe, the 11 will continue to just show up across the boards.

         So, what numbers are nagging you this intuitive day?  Please share!    Type