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Georgia Weekly Winfall: missing numbers corrected by the lottery

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Posted: July 14, 2009, 10:03 pm - IP Logged

Georgia lottery players who played Winfall, you may want to check your tickets again.  Georgia left off 10 winning numbers from the official list published on June 30.

If you have a ticket with one of the missing numbers, it would in fact have validated correctly at any lottery retailer's lottery terminal, but if you only checked the list you would find the number missing.

Back on July 1st, a Lottery Post reader alerted me to the fact that the list of $500 winners only contained 1,490 numbers, instead of the promised 1,500.  I checked it out, and sure enough he was right.

So I wrote to the Georgia Lottery and received a response this afternoon that 10 numbers were accidentally left off the official list published by the lottery.  (Again, the lottery terminals in the stores would correctly validate all 1,500 winning tickets of $500 even though the published list included only 1,490 numbers.)

Here are the missing ten numbers:

  • 000000946
  • 000001197
  • 000001224
  • 000001596
  • 000001767
  • 000001829
  • 000001904
  • 000001937
  • 000001946
  • 000001952

All ten numbers have been added to the Weekly Winfall results page at Lottery Post.

The numbers are all less than 2000, so I'm guessing that they were sold on the first day or two that the raffle tickets were available.


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