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Ohio ten-oh system

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July 11, 2009
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Posted: July 20, 2009, 1:41 am - IP Logged

Does anyone have a strategy for the ten-oh in ohio

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    Posted: July 20, 2009, 9:30 am - IP Logged

    Does anyone have a strategy for the ten-oh in ohio

    The payoff structure on Ten-Oh is better than the 10-spot payoffs I've seen at any of the Nevada casinos but that's not saying much because most of them have never had a jackpot winner. I played it when I lived in Ohio and caught 8 numbers once and a couple of 7s but for daily play it doesn't take long to play back the profits.

    I have a set of 10 numbers that I'll still play in both drawings when I'm in Ohio but $2, $3, or $5 is all I've every won back for the $14 I spent. The overall cost of around $10 about once a month for 14 chances of winning a half million seems worth it to me.

    As for strategies, we had a discussion about trying to match zero numbers because it pays $3 and at that time I was playing to match all 10 numbers combining 5 groups of 5 numbers. I noticed that almost every drawing at least two of the groups would match nothing so I was winning back at least $3 for the $10 I spent. To make a profit four groups would have to match nothing and then it would only be a $2 profit.

    I went back 20 drawings and looked for groups of 5 numbers that hit in two consectutive drawings and combined the 5 groups I found. The idea was they would come back together again after 20 or more drawings. If 1 of the groups matched all five numbers, the payoff depended on how many numbers were drawn from the other 4 groups. I had 4 numbers from 2 groups when I matched 8.

    Without matching 8 numbers, the more realistic return expectation is about 60% of what is wagered so at two drawings a day using 5 groups that's a loss of about $8 a day. You could start with 2 groups of 5 at only a buck a drawing or play 3 groups for $3; it depends on your lottery budget.

    Good luck and hope to see your picture on the Ohio Lottery website holding a huge check for $500,000.