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How To:Use of My Personal Dream Number System

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July 28, 2009
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Posted: July 28, 2009, 10:10 pm - IP Logged

Here is my personal dream number system.

Write down the numbers from 1 to ? (60)numbers in the lottery game you play.

Next to each number write down anything that the number represents.


1 Red/2 Blue/3 Color White 4/Green 5/Color Black 6/Color Yellow 7/Color Orange or a Basketball 8/Boat 9/Color White 10/Cookie 11/Priest 12/Money 13/Diving into water 14/Eyes 15/Teeth 16/Spoon 17/Fork 18/Pain 19/Snake 20/Cloud 21/Motorcycle 22/a Fish 23/Newspaper 24/Doctor 25/Banana 26/Father 27/Lobster 28/Knife 28/Roses 29/Baseball Game 30/Hard Hat or Alcohol 31/Mirror 32/Egg 33 Lizard or Cursing 34/Nudity 35/Radio 36/Ringing of phone 37/Jail 38/Candle 39/Bats 40/Train 41/Kite 42/Pig 43/Bikini 44/apple 45/Alien 46/School 47/Watermelon 48/Tiger 49/Chicken 50/Horse 51/Pen or Pencil 52/Computer 53/Spider 54/Fire 55/Color Purple 56/Hole 57/Cat 58 Ambulance 59/Girlfriend or Boyfriend 60/God or an Angel.

Every night before going off to sleep,review this list and tell yourself,"I want to dream of the winning numbers in tomorrow's drawing.(or any future lottery game)

If, for an example, you have a dream about riding on a black horse,seeing a snake,cursing,falling down in pain,then seeing a doctor.

I would play these numbers:Number 50/Horse,5/Color Black,19/Snake,33/Cursing,18/Pain,24/Doctor.


The above numbers with items are an example.Use your own items.Happy Dreams/Winnings!