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Had Numbers,didn't Play Them!

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July 28, 2009
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Posted: July 31, 2009, 9:50 am - IP Logged

On Thursday July 23-09, I was traveling on a local road towards arailroad crossing that never-ever has a train go by.I see the lightsflashing with the gate dropping.So I count the number of cars.10 carson 1 train.Ok, I thought,"I'll play 1 and 10 in the Cash For LifeGame(4 numbers with a lucky Ball,$2000 a week for Life!) tonight.LaterI was at the local Walmart in line.I paid,my card was denied.(What the?)I tried a new card.Denied also!That's 2 cards!Then the cashiersuggested trying another checkout.Yes! the 3rd time worked! I paid forthe groceries.While driving home I had this thought,'1 train,10cars,3rd time cashing out,2nd time new card was rejected.Hmm a trainof 10.......Ok,I decided to play these numbers: (1)one train:(10)numberof cars on train:(2)second time checking out:(3)third time checkingout.(20)I always add a zero to a single number:(30)I always add a zeroto a single number. 1,2,3,10,20,30.I wanted the lucky ball to be eithera 3 or a 30 because the 3rd time cashing out worked.To end this story,Iwent into a gas station and forgot about my #'s and got a few quickpicks.Then later I purchased 2 more tickets,quick picks again.And whatnumbers were drawn?...... 1 ..... 10 ..... 20 ...... 30  Lucky Ball..... 30 ....... I'm kicking myself asking "Why didn't I fill out agame card!???????...... Maybe next time,I'll keep you posted of more""Lucky Numbers""