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Mind Controlled Dice...on Monopoly...on Lottery Balls?

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July 28, 2009
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Posted: July 31, 2009, 9:53 am - IP Logged

I'm trying to keep all my blogs related to the lottery(Ways to Win)

Here's one for you.....Years ago I decided to go on a fast.It wastough.On the third day,I stopped craving food.I drank lots of water.Onthe 10th day,I was playing the game,'Monopoly'with a family offriends.After about an hour of playing with 3 other players,I yelledout,"Come on 10" while "Ralph" threw the dice.Up came ten and he landedon my property.Ralph had thrown 2 fives.He threw the dice again,"Comeon snake eyes!" I yelled.Sure enough snake eyes were showing.(Pay upRalph).Ralph threw again,"Come on 3!"Up pops a 3,with more Moolah in mymonopoly bank!Next was Rose,(Ralph's Wife)she shook the dice,I yelledout "come on 12"and she threw the dice.Up pops 12!She of course landedon my property.She threw the dice again,I yelled out "come oneight".And here comes the eight.Now Rose's face is very red.She lookedmad.All I knew was that I was getting richer.She had a 4 and 4earlier.She threw the dice again,I yelled,"Yo eleven" up popped elevenwith the entire board!Rose threw the whole Monopoly game up into theair and kicked me out of her and Ralph's home.And it was only playmoney!

Now I should go on another 'Fast' and use mind control to controlthe Lottery Balls!..........Come on 19!Come on 9.Come on 13!Come on6!Come on 19!!!.......(Lucky 4 Life-Connecticut Lottery Tonight)$2,000a week for Life!.......Had the 19........

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