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Tail end(2 balls)

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April 8, 2008
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Posted: August 5, 2009, 6:47 am - IP Logged

Has anyone been playing the tail ends lately?

Well I've been noticing that whenever I get in the loosing spree, I start to play just 2 balls, and by doing that my luck has began to come back.

It all began when I played the 75 on the 3rd for my Grandfather, and all yesterday I had hits just on the 2 balls.  It wasnt a whole chunk to talk about but it was sure enough to keep my accounts open to hopefully play a juicy 3 ball that I'm after....and once I've accomplish that win, then I can say a Big  big Thank you to the 2 balls.~~~

Hope someone else is enojoying a peice of the win in the 2 balls..(Tail ends)

A win is a win!!

Good Luck