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August 18, 2009
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Posted: August 18, 2009, 7:35 pm - IP Logged

The activation page said this was the proper forum for making introductions.  So I guess I'll do that now.

I'm a casual player.  I usually play only one line per game (just enough to have a chance), and only in the jackpot games, Lotto Texas, Mega Millions, and occasionally Powerball (when I go to Oklahoma).  I've played Texas Two Step, a small jackpot game (match 4+1), a few times, too.  I've won a few dollars with scratch-off tickets, but generally don't find those very interesting, and they usually most cost more than the dollar that I could spend on a chance to win a jackpot.

As a casual player, I have no system; I just other than use a set of numbers that has some meaning at the time.  I occasionally use quick picks (called "easy picks" in Oklahoma).  This casual playing hasn't cost much, but it hasn't paid off, either.  I've won $2 and $3 several times, $7 a twice, and $14 once, with the help of the Megaplier, which I understand some people in other states are wanting.

I found this forum through USA Mega, which I use to check Mega Millions and Powerball results, because it's updated before the official sites are, sometimes quite a bit earlier.

Well, that's me; I guess I'll be seeing y'all around the forums.

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    November 21, 2007
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    Posted: August 18, 2009, 7:39 pm - IP Logged

    Welcome to Lottery Post Longarm! See Ya!

    "No one remembers the person who almost climbed the mountain, only the person who eventually gets to the top."

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      Katy, Tx
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      December 3, 2008
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      Posted: August 18, 2009, 7:55 pm - IP Logged

      Hi LongArm

      I agree with you.  Here in Katy, Scratch offs waste more money than the Two Step, Lotto or Mega.  I just am down to 4 scratch offs a month now.  I won 45 on the Mega last drawing I like playing it and the Two Step.  They seem to win me more money than the scratch offs.

      Lots of Luck


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        May 21, 2007
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        Posted: August 18, 2009, 8:11 pm - IP Logged

        Type welcome to the asylum for gamblers Big Grin

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          February 20, 2009
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          Posted: August 20, 2009, 1:10 pm - IP Logged

          Welcome to the LP Family--Good luck in winning and remember to play your numbers no matter what...because the very day you don't play them is the very day they will HIT--I.E. Lotto Karma. Banana