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Hello everyone..I am new here..

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June 22, 2009
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Posted: September 19, 2009, 2:44 pm - IP Logged

Hi, LP members I just wanted to say hi to all of you.  Hoping that we can work together to become the next Millionaires..hahaha...seriously..I hope that each one of us get lucky one of these days...Iam from NY/Bronx..so I want to win the Lottery to achieve my dreams...Therefore, I believe Iam in the right place with the right people!!..because eventhough I didn't post anything before, I noticed that there are a lot of great people here that enjoy  helping others which is wonderful..


Thank you all.. and thanks to the owner of this  interesting Website..


Have a wonderful day!!!Hurray!

Greetings Dominicanbeauty


Hope you find this site helpful, I have .  Remember Hit the Big One and party Party

 Wink CJR~


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    December 20, 2000
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    Posted: September 19, 2009, 4:31 pm - IP Logged

    Welcome to LP Dominicanbeauty !

    Good Luck Lep

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      Santa Ana
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      February 20, 2009
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      Posted: September 19, 2009, 5:11 pm - IP Logged

      Welcome to the LP Family--stay positive and good luck in winningHurray!

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        Way back up in them dadgum hills, son!
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        April 28, 2009
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        Posted: September 22, 2009, 10:53 pm - IP Logged

        Welcome Dominicanbeauty.  Best of luck to you. Maybe you'll bring us all luck.

        Maybe I'll get lucky enough to win and be able to buy some razor blades.

        This beard is driving me nuts.

        Itches like crazy.







        "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

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