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Random Occurences.

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April 17, 2007
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Posted: October 21, 2009, 10:52 pm - IP Logged

Iv'e taken a great interest in the methods of filtering out Straight hits in the last year or even 1000 draws. I like the idea.

So this post is for anyone who shares the similar interest.

I'm a little mixed on how this strategy is used, but I assume a shorter time period filter is applied with expectation that those numbers will NOT occur in the following draws, and the longer filters are used for overdue numbers.

But my major question here is this.

Has anyone been tracking the SKIPS between Straights?

By doing this, I think one could then exclude any numbers from the Pool of the previous time period filter, by eliminating any numbers in the pool above the mean average of skips or, following an undesired pattern; something to that effect.

I understand this may take like 300 years of backtesting, so it may not even be possible with the amount of games in the history's today.

A strategy that follows tracking the Skip between repeat boxed play may be a great "To play or not to play" indicator/tracker.

So after tracking the Skips, my next best suggestion is to track the average skip of Random occurences, or unlikely things that happen.

So that lets say for example, a Boxed set is now "due", but now there is a tendancy for things not to "pan back out", we could forget about playing this altogether, and look at the relation between" What is the most likely to happen, when this period of unlikely hood appears?"

Do these random things happen often? 4 Doubles in a row, Back to Back Triples or Identical Straights.

Can we break these oddities into groups? By giiving a wieghterd percentage of overall occurences. Lets say 5 Consecutive Doubles happen 2%, back to back Straights happen 2%, and Straights out over 2500 draws happens 2%. WELL NOW. Lets combine these percentage identifiers together as one Group of occurences, or indicators, and then Track this Gruops Skip.

Now we can EXPECT the unexpected, or at least shave a little bit of "random" out of the equation.

Please understand that i'm not capable of tracking these things, i really don't know how to program or what to use, nor am i any good at anything beyond basic math. (Simple math rather)

What i'm trying to theorize, is computer system that can track pick 3 lottery digits similar to a stock market. But the stock market reacts to real world results(somewhat), by plotting things in the lottery that go againts the general trend and finding an expected average of those types of variables, compared against general strategy's; Like Hot and Cold. Hottest group of 5,6,8 etc. and creating indicators to play/or not.

By tracking the things that rarely happen, but do seem to catch us offgaurd, we can then begin to focus on What happens after these occurences!?!?!? Do Hot pairs hit?  Is this a pivot point to a certain strategy? or is it a deviation that will just resum back to hot cold high low? Or is it just time for something random things to happen?


Please only open minded responses, I know i'm not in the same level of intelligence that others here are when it comes to math and stats. Just a basic explination of some things i think can be considered.

Like playing roullete, Play the inside to overcome the house edge.


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    Posted: October 22, 2009, 1:04 am - IP Logged

    What game is under consideration here?

    Blessed Saint Leibowitz, keep 'em dreamin' down there..... 

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      October 30, 2009
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      Posted: October 30, 2009, 8:46 am - IP Logged

      my English language is poor , i couldn't understand your means ,do you want to make a excel for you ideas?

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        October 31, 2009
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        Posted: November 2, 2009, 9:09 am - IP Logged




        I like Roulette too, last time I played I won 7 spins in a row. I was ready to leave the table I had to myself but the croupier said I should stay until I lost. Next spin I lost. Never went back.

        Taking the random out of random is the holy grail of gamblers. LP would cease to exist along with the games if it could be done. So the best bet is to know your game and what can be expected. There are rules to lay down and learn for smart luck. Bet with a plan that works with your financial limits and keep superstition out of play. Each game has a house advantage. The smart luck is to find your advantage within the game. It will still be a gamble, but your advantage strategy is to minimize losses and get gains. That is why knowing your odds of wining is an important thing to understand as are your odds of loosing. But what does that have to do with randomness? Are your winnings and loosing's random? Likely not. How can I say that? Odds.

        We will look for rules to define the game. Many are statistical rules that are faithful. Even the ones that are not faithful are faithful. We ask ourselves “what are the chances x happens given y”. Can we expect y to happen in a given time? That is the holy grail that drives the quest.

        Back to randomness. Balls v Computers. Both give random results. Both can be corrupted and affect the random outcome. Balls are made very carefully within physical guidelines to assure there is fair play. Even down to the paint! Ball sets are rotated to add randomness and counter any physical influence that one could track. Computers generate numbers with several designs in software and hardware to also insure a framework of randomness.

        What should we expect from balls and computers? Randomness. Well that's what the designers wish to achieve. That way we cannot track any observation and say when y will happen. But it does happen. So statisticians study events and compare them to expected results. Over a period of time one can expect and anticipate an event to happen within an overall average based on calculations. Those same calculations are the basis for the odds. If you had a ball-set of 10 balls, and you drew one at a time you would think after 10 draws the results would indicate all ten balls showed once, but they do not. Why? Because each draw had all ten balls in the tumbler. If it were a game of elimination where the ball-set was diminished one ball at a time, then it would be easy to anticipate what might draw next.

        More Randomness: It is not random. Not with balls and not with computers. Physical laws and human engineering cannot perfect randomness, but rather may define it. There is always a pattern. You can count on it. Find the pattern and you find the holy grail. Use statistical rules to narrow the field of play and make educated bets based on the best information you can gather and sort. 'y' will happen, it's just a matter of time.


        Like changing ball-sets game to game or at a flip of a coin, computers that pick numbers may be alternated also. Why? Because they do not believe the results are random enough!


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          October 22, 2004
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          Posted: November 9, 2009, 10:42 am - IP Logged

          It's all luck, but fun to discuss. It's the timing, perfect timing of making that "big bet" at the right momment.


          Take straight numbers, I 'feel" a triple is due in the middle of November, just a hunch, but hunch's do work.


          Seems triples come out about every 90 days give or take 30 days hahaha, so, if a triple comoes out, let's say on January 1st., There is a highly UNLIKELY chance that a triple will come out again for another 90 days, allthough, I am sure this might have happened before, many times, maybe a triple came out a day or two after another triple.


          It's all in the timing. I've seen the number 444 in the news a lot recently, refering to the hostages held in Iran in the 70's, 444 days. Hmmm, what are the chances that in the next 30 days, 444 comes out?


          After the fort hood attacks, references have beeen made to 9/11, sure enought 191 comes out in NY a few days later. Also, the USS Ne York, made from some of the 9/11 trade center steel, was in NY. So why didn't it come out 911? well, who cares, if you played it combo for $1 ($3) you'd have $500 in your pocket because the number was reffered to a lot in the news.


          Good Luck everyone!