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New Moon in Scorpio - Get up and Get going

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Posted: November 16, 2009, 8:59 am - IP Logged

      Okay my LP Friends - It's time.  I know, I know, it's Monday but hey on the East Coast the sun is shining, birds are chirping and an Indian Summer has landed.    We have a new moon in Scorpio and flirtations all around with Mercury.   Whatever's nagging you, get on it, get to it, get it under way.  Now is the time.  You've got passion (Scorpio) and strength (Sag) and speed (Merc) all hanging on your side.

  A word now about 718.  Please forgive as I 'beat" this "dead horse."  I have an affinity for this number and I have a good idea why.   That, however, is not what is important.  Normally, I don't speak when 718 comes to me the way it does and drives me nuts.  Today, however, I'm going to speak because it's not letting go of me and Mercury is still strongly positioned (with Saturn) in the astro lineup.  Yes, Merc moved last p.m. and the move is done.  But, my signals about 718 continue.  When it does what it intends to do, I'll know and I'll shut up about it.  It may come in the big games as 17 18 or combos of 718 therein or it might fall freely in the 3 and 4 in other states still.  I'm disappointed at it's lackluster showing thus far but I expect more.  I'm putting myself out there in this post about this number because I feel compelled to do so.  Tomorrow morning, for instance, is another great Merc time, so maybe I'll try tomorrow to hit it here in DE.  We shall see.   As an aside, the 5's continue to tease us big time as do the 3's and 2's.  I am slightly disappointed that we did not see a triple fall the last 48 hours.

 Now, back to matters at hand.  The deep fall/early winter numbers come soon - (listen to Bird Star) and the Fire Signs will have it going on - Sag especially is in the limelight these upcoming last days of November.  But, it is Scorpio that will lead the way.  Listen to your dreams, read the interps here (Keep Soozy's list close Approve) and have confidence in yourself.  Every day the dream requests for numbers just boggle the mind on the Mystical Forum - look back!!!! It is from the past that the future is reflected in numbers.  The numbers you need to win are with you every day. 

   I'll leave with this... I'm considering a VisionQuest of sorts and because I 'see' better when I communicate, I think I'll attempt to blog the experience.   This is the type of thinking Scorpio brings and a new moon produces the wherewithall to see through.  I keep saying I don't have time.  Yikes, what a lousy excuse and an excuse it is. 

    I hope your day is incredibly enlightening and fortunate.  J  Type

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    Posted: November 16, 2009, 9:22 am - IP Logged

    You are indeed an inspirtaion Jake.  I look forward to your next post...