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Cashier told me 1444 is sold out

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 8 years ago by dr65.

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November 1, 2009
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Posted: December 1, 2009, 11:01 pm - IP Logged

Good night  to all LP  readers...I stopped at the corner store a moment ago  on my way home from work  and wanted to buy my normal triples and quads for the week.  The cashier mistakenly told me that 1444 is cut off. I did not have 1444 on my paper at all! Could this be a # coming out in the near future?

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    Posted: December 2, 2009, 12:27 am - IP Logged

    Might be the clerk made a mistake in entering what you did have on your list and discovered something you didn't even want to play was cut off.

    That news may be good news.

    Around Oct 10 here in PA it was sure frustrating trying to get my 1010....the date...a lot of people were playing it. You had to get it a few days out

    or early enough in the day or not get it at all. Then all the hooplah died down and it was easy to get, no problem. So on the 29th of Oct, it finally

    hits as 1100. I had it boxed and was glad I kept playing it. I thought then, hmm, these people knew something..not all of them simply played

    the date...

    So with the 1444 maybe that's a sign to pick it up...if only at .50 box for awhile. I must warn you though, that number has only been out one

    time - 2003/July in the evening draw. I checked to see if maybe 114 or 144 or 444 triggered the mad dash to play 1444...doesn't

    appear so. The 444 had been out for your state way back in Jun of 07 and the 144 had been out back in April of 06.

    Maybe this is a kill 2 birds with one stone sort of thing...play 144 and 1444 maybe the 444 too for awhile. Maybe you'll get 2 or all 3 in a short

    period of time! We just got 414 here in PA and I played that SS. It is a good one. Your state seems to like 114 a lot and some players in PA are

    waiting for that one. I hope it hits here.

    Good luck to you!