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I am starting to think: Words of encouragement: a 2 trillion balls lotto telling you the future

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: January 6, 2010, 1:28 pm - IP Logged

You heard correctly, i said: 2 trillion balls lotto i did not said 2 trillion dollar lotto...Actually the number is like: 180 trillion ball lotto but we are going to leave it at: 2 trillion balls lotto...

Well i am starting to think that seen the future in dreams but only in dreams is divine providence after all is from another dimension is from HEAVEN...I dont know how come this didnt occured to scientists yet...A 2 trillion balls lotto all colliding with patterns that tells you the future...I am talking in the microscopically small level...IMPOSSIBLE, AGAIN IS IMPOSSIBLE...Not only that the eyesight every single DOT predicted when dots of color can form N infinate number shapes and dimensions, ALONG WITH TIME clicking...Not that i want to put down the human brain but again is ALMOST impossible that a human brain will do it...And if it was to occur the LAWS OF RANDOMNESS will tell you that it should be a single incident yet people see the future in their dreams all the time which again is 2N power impossible...Dude i dont want to believe this but that´s what the data is showing....Let me continue talking about the microscopically world...Not only that but that  you can see finer details in the future such as number what the...If you study lotto or randomness you will know 3 dimensional number lottos are N infinate more harder than 1 dimension number lottos....For Instance: a Pick2,000/12,000 is only like a: Pick50/200 tridimensionally or possible less....Dude so the idea that your brain supercomputer can do it is going beyond the laws of what is rational...Also i dont know if this is true but i heard that a person has like 1,000 dreams per night but only 1 or 2 it remembers...

Also your body has: 60 trillion cells, 60 trillion balls colliding with patterns and i dont remember but they constantly send signals to the brain basically a 60 trillion balls colliding at ANY INSTANCE and telling you the future which again is also IMPOSSIBLE....Not only the world as you are walking viewed by your eyesight is a lotto and for you to capture it and make a movie about it at any instance that is lotto wise got to be kidding me...Telling you something from now if you BRAIN manage to pull this IMPOSSIBLE stun your brain is a hacker is a password cracker...Not only that this 60 trillion balls collide all day which if you know the laws of randomness it makes it more harder...Put a nicer way:

Imagine that: 180 trillion balls were colliding at any given moment and they told you what each number was going to be in a 2 with 70 zeros balls/lotto....

Dude what i just describe is like predicting where each ELECTRON of the entire Universe is going to be at any given moment...Such a thing can not happen...Yet your brain pulls such stunts ALL THE TIME which is even MORE IMPOSSIBLE...So it can´t be your brain....Unless your brain already has memorized in its collective/DNA the direction of the 2 with 70 zeros balls....And to even get a micron close to pulling such a stun your brain will have to peer to all of the human eyeballs existent today...


That theoretically speaking there is no way in the world that your brain could predict the future in dreams microscopically speaking...It has to be: Divine Providence, HEAVEN, another dimension, the universe acting as a supercomputer but it can not be your brain....Microscopically speaking but only dreams....Either that or God gave you a gift when he created humans....

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