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Ping Frustration and BOAW for Tuesday

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Posted: January 26, 2010, 8:46 am - IP Logged

   Saturday around 3:58 pm (EST), if you heard a piercing mournful wail from the general direction of DE/MD/VA area, that would have been me, standing in my kitchen, listening on my cell on speaker to the De results of 055.   If you read my last Ping post, I felt pretty strongly we would see 55 and I really thought it would be 155.  Sunday, I felt strongly about 555 and mentioned to my GA friend, wondering if anyone who has midday drawings on Sunday had 555.  No, was the answer, but I only had to wait for the nighttime drawing to find 555 did drop for someone.

So Monday comes and now I thought 555 might still come only to find 955.    Okay, so 2 of 3 digits is not bad, and truth be told, I could play frontpair/backpair (although the return is pretty low 25/50 per 50/$1 play), but it is at least a return.  Enough.

  How about LD's state (and close to my heart) OHIO!    Quads and still with the 3's and 9's flipping to kick 6666.

    Bird on a Wire this morning was absolutely positively 4 but 1's are still hanging around as are 2's.   Oh gosh - anyone pick up public broadcasting of Nature's Eagle special?   Okay, I defy anyone with a heartbeat to watch this and not be moved.  You can also get the DVD for a few bucks.   I do so love my winged friends.  Delaware is announcing a record nest count in our area for the year and the count is not even complete.   Love an Eagle today, just do it from a safe distance!

           Tuesday's child is, well I can't remember......    May he or she be happy today along with all us other children of the Universe.   Type