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The 369 Low, Medium & High System for MegaMillions...

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: February 10, 2010, 1:40 pm - IP Logged

you forget: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50...

You divide each decade into: 3´s...example:

1-3: 4-6: 7-9

1-3= L (Low)

4-6= M (medium)

7-9= H (high)

that was the first decade...Remember that POwerball has: 5 decades...All you got to guess is if is Low or Medium Or high 5 or 6 times...Once you guess them correct you then begin to deduce...This system has 2 parts...You could deduce the way it is now or:

Instead of guessing: L, M, H you also guess the decade that is in...Remember is in ascending order until you reach to 5...For instance if you guess: L3 for the first number, that means that: the first number is going to be from: 31-33....If you guess H3 for the second number that means that the second number is going to be from: 37-39....So far this is the ONLY system/tactic that wins MegaMillions with less than 20 ticket...But you still have to guess...

for instance if: 4-7-19-21-38 MB 29

it will be: M1-H1-H2-L3-H4 MB-H3, but since the decade of 10 belong to the 0 decade (01, 02, 08, 04, etc)you can write: M0-H0-H1-L2-H3 MB-H2...For the MegaBall you can always play an Ending digit and guess: 5 times and this way to get the bonus ball is only from: 1-10...Example...2 for the MegaBall will be: 2,12,22,32,42....

You know i remember seeing this initials in the navy several times...

I am happy because if you created a lotto in a poor foreign country with the initials of: M1-H1-H2-L3-H4 MB-H3 and you was to offer a: $100,000 to whoever wins it and you take the readings send it to the USA in advanced convert them to regular numbers and start playing you probably will had won: 80% of MegaMillions jackpots...Then ask the winner to relinquish: $200,000 to the winner in the poor foreign country...: )

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