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Since we've had a 666 discussion, what other numbers won't you play?

Topic closed. 45 replies. Last post 7 years ago by Hermanus104.

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Posted: February 19, 2010, 10:39 pm - IP Logged

I'll PLAY them if they look good, but I do not like numbers like 00x or x00 (with the exception of 000). Why not? 

801 = birthday. 802 = birthday. 803 = birthday (etc.) 800 = only 80x number that is not a birthday. When this number or a number like this comes up I begin booing at the lottery official. Although I guess, 800 can stand for August 2000... Exceptions: 007, because of its connotations with James Bond, and 500, because that number won in New Jersey on the day I was born.

Today's winning 3-ball is going to be a number between 000 and 999.

In a lot of states, lotteries benefit education. That makes the REAL winners the only people who can't play!