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today is 2 22 2010

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Posted: February 22, 2010, 4:02 pm - IP Logged

So I've just gotten into the study of numerology and I'm beginning to wonder if the numbers that fall have something to do with the summation of the the numbers in the year.  Can someone enlighten me on this?

I'm thinking that 010 210 222 2222 2220 2010 should fall this month.  Since the day equates to:

2+22+2010= 2034 



Should I see 2034, 4000 and 1966 in a rundown anywhere to ensure that I'm close to having the right number projections?

2034-1966=68   Should 68 be a common pair for todays date?

2+22=2010=2+0+3+4=9 Should 9 be my carrier number?  ie ad a 9 to the 68 and to any triples for a four digit?  

I'll stop ranting.....So many questions....Come on LP family.  Help me out here!

Thanks in advance!