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Need Numbers For This Dream Plzz

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September 12, 2009
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Posted: March 6, 2010, 7:23 am - IP Logged

I Dreamth that my brother ( 33 YEARS) was in a poor state I had stop by his place to hail him  and met him in an usual state ,his clothes was all dirty and he didnt have anything to eat , i asked him what i could do for him and he said he wanted oreos , a honey bun, a chicken snack and something to drink , all i had was $50,   an aunt  (58years ) who doesnt drive , drove me to purchase these things in the pouring rain,  at some point in this dream, i was also running  from some dogs and ducked thru this fence only to find more dogs on the other side.

 then my dream switch and i saw my other brother (25 years)  who gave me three cell phones to have fixed for him.

 dream switch and i saw myself winning $1900 on 033

 i only have two brothers and dont ever remember dreaming of both of them in the same nite.

can i get some help with this dream please. thanks! 

... "Please, Lord, let me prove that winning the lottery won't spoil me."