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The Vertical System for Pick5...

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Posted: March 31, 2010, 1:27 am - IP Logged

This is thanks to the movie: Vertical Limit i was watching it and it gave me an idea...In a Pick5/39 game 1 or 2 numbers from the previous/preceeding 4 drawings DO repeat...What happens to the other 3 or 4...They DONT REPEAT...This happens, drawing after drawing after drawing...So what do you do...you take the preceeding 4 drawings take 2 or 1 at a time and do this:




Assuming that A or AB are 1 or 2 numbers from the preceeding/previous 4 drawings...

Now most Pick5 drawings are from: 2-37 meaning they are from 1-35...

4 preceeding or previous drawings are 20 numbers because 4x5 = 20....

So 35 minus 20 = 15...So you have to select: 3 or 4 numbers from a group of 15...

Now you can do this 3 ways...

##1: you can look at hot and cold numbers...70% of numbers are cold and 30% or less are hot (there is no warm numbers)...So 70% of 15 is: 10...And if you use the hot numbers then is: 5 numbers only, so you are picking: 3/5 numbers or 4/5 numbers...or 3/10 numbers or 4/10 numbers...it all depends if you want to pick hot or cold numbers...This will happen, drawing, after drawing, after drawing...

##2: 3/15 is the same range as your regular: Pick3 if you look at Pick3 as a combination game and not a permutation game...You can use the size 8 box wheel for pick3 to get the 3 numbers and it will only cost you: 56 tickets, you will have an odd of 1 in 56 without filtering yet if you can filter...And all you had to do is arange the 3 numbers STRAIGHT...This will happen, drawing after drawing after drawing...All you have to do is convert a regular pick3 from a permutation game into a combination game and apply it to those 3/15 numbers....

##3: you could take the 15 numbers and let:

1 and 2 = 1

3 and 4 = 2

5 and 6 = 3

7 and 8 = 4

and so on until you reached to 15...So it will be: 3 out of 7 OR 4 out of 7 numbers that you have to guess...If you can apply hot and cold it will be even better...And this will occur drawing after drawing after drawing...

And after you applied either one of the 3 methods and add them to the 2 or 1 numbers (the A or AB) you can further filter....

##4: Remember that 1 or twice a month 1 drawing will be from: 20 to 39 OR from 15 to 35 OR from 15 to 39....Is even better for you if you can wait....Because then: it will be:

20 to 39 is equal to = 19 numbers...19 minus the past 3 or 4 drawings...see what i am saying...Leaves you with only 5 numbers to play...

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    Posted: April 12, 2010, 2:04 am - IP Logged