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I need Excel Sum Chart and sharing My little system..

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July 30, 2009
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Posted: April 21, 2010, 8:33 am - IP Logged

Hi Everyone..Does anyone have a excel chart where i can type in drawings (3)digit or (4)digit and keep track of what Sums are due...I something similar by Diamond Place where i type in drawing and it eliminates the pairs(4 digit) and shows what has not hit...Now my system based on others here who im sure will recognize it and i also tweaked it here for me cause i love pairs..What i use is based on others hard work and i just try to have fun and compliment anyones hard work..

First i use the Pi..Invented by others here,and just thought out of box cause i like chasing pairs 

EX: Michigan Midday on April 17 was 317

317 divided by 3.14 =100.955.............(numbers left out here)

then i add the result again..

100.955 plus 317=417

I then mirror 417 = 962

I then break it down to pairs

41 47 17-then i use -10 on the the first 2 result pairs only,and -1 on third pair as follows   31 21/ 37 27/16 15

96 92 62 -The mirror pairs i leave alone

I then use hot/cold /due numbers for the third number as well as use other workouts that i compare

The 31 pair was hot!!-April 18 EVE 103,April 19 Midday 310 April 20 Midday 153

The other results were EVE =260(62)

Next day Midday was 619(96)

I will be looking for 92 on Midday cause 2 has been out 8 days on midday,as well 41 47.

That is one ex...We all know systems go up and down and sometimes i switch with the Pi--i divide or subtract and add,when i think systems is low.