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Traveled back in time...w/ a twist *perplexed*

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March 2, 2010
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Posted: April 22, 2010, 8:32 am - IP Logged

 Good mornin lottery post. I just awoke from a dream I find interesting even if it means nuthin numerically. In this dream me and 2 cousins board what is supposed to be a train, (which from the view inside is nuthin more than a very old house) (possibly even a house I frequented during childhood) which sat atop a high bridge. We (me and my cousins) knew that we were in a year different from the currrent year we lived in, but the people around us didnt suspect a thing. The attire of the people in the dream was very 1980ish. From the bench we sat on we could see everyone who boarded the "train". There was a group of girls right outside of our door who were passin around and discussing a few porno magazines. the pictures in the magazine were those of women and could clearly be seen from where I was reclining. In an attempt to pin point which year we were in, I loudly stated some words from a popular song.... " 1985's the number" which caused everyone in the house to look at me like I had gone insane. After turnin to my cousin and sayin "well we know it aint 85" I turn to my right and see a poster of a lady on the wall that has in the fine print on the bottom the "trademark symbol" (which happens to be my initials btw) TM and the numbers 1989 . So now me and my companions make a strong assumption that its atleast 1989 or maybe even the early 90's. Now that we know this info we can move but as we start to move, I (half awake now) realize we havent fished for any of the fish that can be seen way down below us under the bridge. At this point I wake up.

the hill this brige jutted out from had visible red dirt on it in patches. (also something familiar to me from childhood) also a red dirt path leading down to the water below the the bridge

The song i used in the dream was clearly (in the dream) "Who's house?" by Run Dmc

but were actually taken from a song by "Public Enemy"


Also, prior to borading this "train/house" we were in a convenience store parking lot talkin to a clerk about how frequently the place is robbed.

that place was in the present time. only when borading the train did we go back in time.

Lastly, being that im traveling to Chicago later this evening. Do I play the numbers associated with this dream there? or here in my home state of Georgia?


any help with this will be greatly appreciated......


oh yeah, almost forgot. the fish were visibly very large Catfish.