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Atten:Tiggs, Joker Re 8th Call w/Greyhound Racing

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November 22, 2006
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Posted: May 9, 2010, 5:13 pm - IP Logged

Hey Tiggs. Joker et al-

Sharing Conventional Breaker/Closer Patterns of Greyhound Handicapping

i/8th call, since most short-racing dogs are about equal in racing the 1/8th call, a dog that draws a favorable post position has a statistical advantage over a dog of similar ability in an unfavorable position. Dogs in the inside boxes have an advantage (especially Stock’s St Bernard exWink) because he can e lure (which is on the inside of the oval at most tracks) a split second faster than a dog on a outer position of the racing surface. This is the primary reason why most breakers run on the inside. Generally speaking, inside runners chase the lure, while middle to wide running, hard- nosed greys the action of running & competing against others. These strong running, hard-nosed dogs tend to run more consistetley & truer to forms than the fleet inside runners.

Early-speed rail runners have a tendency to lose intetest in the chase & to run hot & cold streaks, etc. A seemingly durable breaker, who has the lead@ 1/8 call & WINS THE RACE EASILY can run his next race with almost the same field as before, come out of the turn 2nd or 3rd & wind up giving way to finish out of the money. This dog is a ‘front runner”. Playing a dog you a puppy you know can’t get to the 1/8th call first isn’t just bad handicapping; it’s an intolerable waste of money .

If a front runner is a railer & draws the inside box w/ slower breaking dogs to the left & or right , this dog will most likely will reach the 1/8th call on top & almost be impossible to run down. On the other hand, if he draws an outer position (5 to 8 box)with equally talented breakers this frint runner will get beat to the turn & run a poor race. But when a dog is a standout in breaking ability & has NO EARLY SPEED COMPITION, he can reach the 1/8th call first from any box.

A dog that likes to close, meaning that a dog that is racing far behind at the 1/8th call & then close to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd position at the finish, is in his best racing position when he is in the one box on the inside & at his worst racing position when he is on the outside.


Would like to hear your take on this 8th Call commentary,

Good Luck with the Puppies,

EddessaKnight Sun Smiley

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    Posted: May 9, 2010, 9:28 pm - IP Logged

    eddess dog racing is harder to handicap then horse racing..I played a dog all year once in Sarasota when he ran out of the 8 box he was unbeatable..In the book it showed everytime and I mean everytime he come out of the 8 box he won box to wire..Some other dog ran all year and in the book he showed 8 all across the page meaning he never ran better then 8th then one race he ran 1st box to wire and then the next races he ran 8 again all around the track..Dogs is like the lotto pick a set of numbers but if you see a special dog you keep track of then by all means bet him heavey when he runs..Good luck with the dogs you will need it..Hope you win big..