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Gap Strategy, Texas Pick 3, Update

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Posted: May 18, 2010, 5:42 pm - IP Logged



Some of my lottery playing friends asked me to provide a copy of my Gap Strategy worksheet for the May 18
Texas Pick 3 night drawing.

If you are not using Gap Strategy, the data will, of course, be confusing.
I'll try to provide as much explanation as I can, but, re-explaining Gap Strategy procedures is not
the point of this presentation.

Gap Strategy Worksheet
Texas Pick 3 Combined Day and Night Drawings.
Gap Strategy Workout - G1NR (Use graph paper)

FP:   F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
G1:    5  4    8  1   3   6   0   9  2   7
HP:   L2 L3 F1 F5 F4 F5 L1 L4 L5 F3
L#:    8  3  9  0  4  6  1  7  5  2
FP:   F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5

Last Hot AIDS Triple: BCB

   CBR2    BAR4    ABR2   BCR3   CCR4
   CBC12  *15BAB   ABA9  *BCC16  CCA12
   CBB13   BAC11  *ABC14  BCA11 *CCC21
  *CBA14   BAA10   ABB12  BCB11  CCB13

* = My choices based on highest totals for the individual triples.
Remember: The last triple BCB means the next triple HAS to begin with CB.
There are four possibilities. I chose CBA14. The next triple has to
begin with BA. I chose 15BAB .... etc.

I want to wheel five numbers, therefore, I need five sets of triples.

Number Generation Array:  ABCCC

The NGA sequence is based on the last letter in each chosen triple.
My first selection is CBA14. Therefore, the first letter in the NGA is 'A'
My second choice is 15BAB. Therefore, the second letter in the NGA is 'B'
My third choice is ABC14. Therefore, the third letter in the NGA is "C"
My fourth choice is BCC16. Therefore, the fourth letter in the NGA is "C"
My fifth choice is CCC21. Therefore, the fifth letter in the NGA is "C"

If I had decided to wheel 6 numbers, I would select from 4 triples beginning
with 'CC'
The choices would have been CCR4, CCA12, CCC21 and CCB13.
CCC21 has already been used, so, the next triple would have been CCB13. The
sixth letter in the NGA would be "B"

Choosing numbers to play.

  HAID   HPID   G1  RL  LR  G#
  1A17   F344    8   9   7   9
  2A37   L543    7   0   2   2
  3A37   L432    2   5   4   5

  HAID   HPID   G1  RL  LR  G#
  4B38   L144    6   4   6   6
  5B32   F530    3   7   9   4
  5B33   F443    1   2   8   0

  HAID   HPID   G1  RL  LR  G#
  7C40   F237    4   1   0   3
  8C26   F131    5   6   4   8
  9C41   L332    9   3   5   7

  HAID   HPID   G1  RL  LR  G#
  0R26   L235    0   8   2   1

HAID and HPID totals taken from respective tally and sequence worksheets.
EX: HAID '1A' has come up 17 times; HPID 'F3' has come up 44 times.

Note: Explaining how the G1, RL, LR and G3 numbers are generated is beyond this presentation.
If you are already familiar with Gap Strategy, you should note that I have chosen to generate
numbers to play based on three different possibilities.

The NGA states that I need one 'A' number, one 'B' number and 3 'C' numbers, in that order.

Generating an 'A' number to play.

There are three Fixed AIDS, 1A, 2A and 3A
There are three corresponding Hot PIDS, which are the first three in the HP sequence, reading from
right to left.
Therefore, 1A = F3, 2A = L5, 3A = L4.

The Gap # for each HPID is found by referring to the FPID and G1 sequences. F3 corresponds with G1 #8,
L5 corresponds with G1 #7 and L4 corresponds with G1 #2.

There are 3 methods for selecting lottery numbers to play:

 1. RL - Counting in the lottery number sequence is from right to left, which puts emphasis
 on most recent 'Hot' numbers.

 2. LR - Counting in the lottery number sequence is left to right,
 which puts emphasis on 'Cold' numbers, or numbers that have been out the longest.

 3. # - This is special method whereby the Lottery number sequence is broken into two fixed parts,
F1 thru F5, and L1 thru L5.
The HPID is used to make the selection. In this instance, F3 corresponds with L#9, L5 = L#2 and L4 = L#5.

Referring to the sequences above:

AID 1A, PID F3, Gap8, generates '9' for the RL method, '7' for the LR method and '9' for the # method.
AID 2A, PID L5, Gap7, generates '0' for the RL method, '2' for the LR method and '2' for the # method.
AID 3A, PID L4, Gap2, generates '5' for the RL method, '4' for the LR method and '5' for the # method.

The same procedures are used to generate the 'B' and 'C' lottery numbers to play.
Please refer to the chart given to see what those lottery numbers are.

I have decided to wheel 5 numbers taken from the RL method to generate 10 sets of numbers.

Therefore, the Number Generator Array of ABCCC generates, my selections, lottery numbers 07163.

Using the ABCDE wheel sequence in reverse - EDCBA - the final selections are:  A = 3, B = 6,
C = 1, D = 7, E = 0.

ABC/361, ABD/367, ABE/360, ACD/317, ACE/310, ADE/370, BCD/617, BCE/610, BDE/670, CDE/170

I'm playing Exact/Any order: Cost $10.

If I had the money, I could play 10 sets from each method, but I don't recommend it.

Over a period of time, 'RL' has produced the most wins. No reason to change.

I'm sure all of this very confusing for folks who are not familiar with Gap Strategy.
All I can say is go to the Link and read the detailed procedures.
Studying the charts above and figuring out how the data is generated would be very helpful.

Hope this is useful.


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    Posted: May 22, 2010, 6:53 pm - IP Logged

    Great info. bobby623. Thank you so much for posting it.