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Does buying a whole roll of scrachers work?

Topic closed. 18 replies. Last post 7 years ago by shaun.

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Posted: June 15, 2010, 8:50 pm - IP Logged

Well i was talked into doin this for the first time by my cousin on my birthday. We were lucky and were given a roll with a $500 prize on a ticket.

I knew that it was luck, but my cousin was all but convinced it was a winning strategy. I agreed to give back my share in order to prove to him it

ws nuthin more than luck. That night we bought 5 rolls, and the next day 5 more. these were all the same game "$2 jumbo bucks" from the ga

lottery. What i noticed is the payout was somewhere in the neighborhood of 75% - 80%. We paid $300 for each roll and would get back between

$190 - $220 through out the course of a roll. I do however think tht buying 10 at a time ($20) is somewhat of a strategy since most of the winnings

fell within tht range.

That is better than Tennessee's 2 dollar jumbo bucks.

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    Posted: July 6, 2010, 10:19 pm - IP Logged

    When I used to work a lottery terminal, I used to wait on a guy who used to buy 3 rolls of one game (Grand-A-Day Holiday), hoping to get that last top prize (that someone else probably had, but was waiting for financial advice before claiming).  Every time I would activate his packs, give him the tickets.  Then he would go to the back room with a manager, talk with them, come back with a check for $555 ($185 times 3).  So basically in PA (Idk if this is still the standard) it was $185 back for every $300 roll.  I'm guessing for the $600 rolls nowadays it would be $370.  Anyway, it really isn't worth it to buy an entire roll unless you hit the big one, and it only takes one ticket to win the big one.

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      Posted: July 31, 2010, 1:19 am - IP Logged

      I've been buying whole entire rolls of scratchers and not have gotten that much luck.  The amount I get back never comes close to the amount that I spent.  Is buy an entire roll of scratchers a good strategy? What do you guys think or what has your experience been like?



      If you buy an entire pack or better yet several entire packs, keep scanned images of every ticket in that pack, both losers and winners.   There is a finite number of base pack patterns as the tickets are printed in sheets with many packs to a sheet so the packs repeat sheet to sheet.   You could then go from store to store or machine to machine and buy a ticket,  see if all the symbols match exactly to the same numbered ticket from the pack you had purchased, if it does, buy another ticket and if that matches too then you're pretty certain that you've found a pack with the same base pattern which means you'll know which tickets have the small value prizes and could cherry pick them.

      Carry the scanned images around on a small netbook or iPad would make this a lot easier.   Or better yet, carrying a database that's searchable.

      Of course, although it is a finite number of different pack patterns, it'll be enough to make mapping out all the types of packs prohibitively expensive.   Still, I'm surprised that nobody has tried this yet especially since you don't need to map out every pack just enough so that you can reliably find a pack that matches one you've already purchased.

      Since you've already bought a few packs, try this approach and tell me if it works.

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        Posted: July 31, 2010, 7:29 am - IP Logged

        a topic in local paper said if you buy book of certain scratcher you will get 100 percent money back and hope large win could also be there?  got a big christmas bonus two years ago so my wife and i bought complete book of 100 scratchoffs   cost 125 euros guess what took all evening scratching and won back only 72.50 euros no large win result loss of 52.50 euros my wife thught we were mad but wanted to try it once as money was spare maybe it was an ad ploy of lottery to boost sales!!!