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Creating Alternate Mathematical Equations for Pick 3

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June 13, 2010
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Posted: June 17, 2010, 6:32 pm - IP Logged

I've accumulated about four months of working with the Pick 3 lottery, and I have only recently stumbled upon this site. I had two wins in March when I used statistical

analysis on approx. 375 past combinations in the TX Pick 3 Day. My statistics are calculated correctly but it seems about the same as just picking numbers at random (probably

because its the lottery lol) and as of late i have left my statistics collecting dust on the bookshelf. I've recently been jumping from game to game. Last week I tried a cash 5

strategy and I did win a total of $13, but I digress. After thinking it over I've decided to return to the good old Pick 3 and I've been trying to make an equation that can give you

good numbers to wheel for the next drawing (day to day, night to night) I did come up with one that has worked three times in the past 12 drawings, but it was only until

yesterday I discovered that all it really does is pick all odd or all even numbers to wheel. I would like help in making some mathematical equations that could produce a decent

and cheap wheel. While I know there is no way to connect everything there must be a way to determine some combinations using math. I am including the formula i made last

Sunday if anyone cares to use it. 

(A*3+5)-(B+1*7)+(C+9) after you do this you'll have to swap the - and + that are outside of the parenthesis. Then using the same formula change abc with cba and acb. It 

should be noted that this will give you either four or five all even or all odd numbers which is why it even works anyway.