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Key number p-3 system...Not what you think

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December 20, 2004
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Posted: July 28, 2010, 12:54 am - IP Logged

I just got this idea tonight after coming home from a 15 hour day, and I'm very tired to go into detail, so it's still raw, yet interesting. It's too soon to draw conclusions with only 10 minutes of thought on this idea, but I'll try.

I was wondering about something while looking at the winning numbers in Florida's past list tonight. I wanted to see if patterns could be seen, if we only looked back in the p-3 history, and just concentrated on specific key number wins. For example, if we pick the number 4 as the key, then I would make a list, like I just did 15 minutes ago, of past winning combos that started with the number 4. Then look for patterns within them. I did find patterns that were made me excited.

Here are the last 34 winning combos in the Florida p-3. I forget whether they are mid oe eve, but it doesn't matter.

The top number is the newest.


































Look at the number 403, 4th from the top. If I wanted to know what came after 403, I would look back on this list and see anything that resembled 403 in straight form, as close as possible. Lets' start by looking at the very bottom of the list...405. What comes after 405? .....459....

So we have 45 and 49 making 459. ....Wow...look what comes after 403 at the top....469....46, and 49 making 469.

Hey...look at 453 in green in the list...what comes after?....456...again...with the 45 and 46....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Hey look at the second 453 in orange....two draws later we have 446....there's that 46...

There's more, but you get the idea.

So we have the 45, 46, 49 repeating over and over and over....

What was the next winner after 403?..........469............

This happens over and over.

So....what do we do with this info you ask? How can this info benefit me?...I thought about this and realized I could do this for every number, and after making a list of about 30 past numbers for each number, 0-9, I would simply make a selection with the above criteria for each number from 0-9. It would cost 100 bucks to cover all 10 numbers. One combo for each KEY number ...0-9.

As an example, the last 4 KEY number for Florida was 416, so the key 4. I'm looking back at anything in the past that resembles 416 and seeing what comes after it for tomorrow's draw.

I'll start from the oldest at the bottom of the list.

I see 496, the first combo that resembles 416. What comes after 496?...494...so we have 44, and 49.

The next one up on the list that resembles 416 is 476. What comes after 476?....499 is the number....we have the 49 again.hmmmmm

Next one up is 456....What comes after 456?....412...so we have 41 and 12....

Next up the list we have 446...what comes after 446?......472....so we have 47 and 42......I'll take 42 as the pair in this one.

So we have to pick a pair from either    41...42....47.....49

I say 49...

Anyways...we would have to do this for every number and update them. Then pick one pair from each 0-9 key number and spend 100 bucks to cover all possible key numbers from 0-9.

Since it would cost too much to play 100 combos everytime,  only play the  key numbers   1-2-4-7 9 representing the 41-42-47-49. That would cost only 50 bucks. If that's too much, eliminate 2 more numbers for 30 bucks. But If this hits as consistently in the past teats, it shouldn't matter spending 50 or even more to hit regularly.

So let's see what number comes out when the next winning number is a key 4 number.

Until then, on my next day off, which is this thursday, I will compile a list for each number 0-9, and test the theory from there on a daily basis.

Lets' see.

Today is July 28.

I have created something I call a Control Box and it would work perfectly with your system.

A Control Box basically has the 6 coldest digits by position.

This is the latest Control Box for New York as of July 28 after 800 hit:








927 is the coldest number in New York right now. 412 is the second coldest number.

The digit 9 is the coldest digit in the first position. The last time a 9 was in the first position was on 7-18 (905) and the last time 4 was in the first position was on 7-19 (440).

I focus primarily on these two digits since I am looking for a Straight Hit. 

This is the bottom line of this Control Box and why it is extremely useful: 

A 4 or a  9 should hit the FIRST position within 5 days.

Many times the coldest number in the first position will hit in a day or two after I have posted the Control Box here on LP. (Check out my previous posts for proof of this.)

I have back tested this and it works extremely well.

Cold digits in the first position do not stay cold for long.

I think your system can be made better simply by focusing on the two numbers that are due in the FIRST position, as opposed to trying to cover all 10 digits.

Less numbers to cover = More Money$$.


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    October 3, 2004
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    Posted: August 2, 2010, 1:11 pm - IP Logged

    Hi aanewyork:


    I was looking at your observation on cold digits, tested it on a few circuits, and found it to be accurate.

    Very often we find that cold digits, with regard to position, come up in other positions the next time or so out. I looked at the P4 and constructed a table similar to the one you constructed for the P3(Delaware Play 4 going back from Oct.12. 2009). Here's the table I came up with:


    D1  D2  D3  D4

     3      9     5    0

     8      8     4    8

    Now consider taking the digits 0, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9(all of the cold positional digits) and wheeling them. Here's what came out during next 6 days of play:


    10/18/09 4908

    10/17/09 5042

    10/16/09 3502

    10/15/09 9005

    10/14/09 9425

    10/13/09 5940

    I've tried this scheme on a few other circuits. Although the hits were not as many as above, there was only one complete loss on the four circuits I considered. Maybe with some additional filtering or tweaks, this scheme could be turned into something profitable.