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Store payout when a winning ticket is sold (in Tennessee)

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Posted: August 1, 2010, 12:54 pm - IP Logged

A few years ago when I matched 5of6 in Ohio Super Lotto for $1500 I went through the same thing.  The store had never had a winner that size and the manager had to call the lottery after reading instructions for filling out the claim form for clarification.  She verified my ticket and we filled out the claim form and I drove 20 miles to an official bank which charged $15 to notarize the form and after discovering the manager hadn't put the complete address of the store on the form wouldn't pay me even though I had the validation ticket so I had to drive back to the store and get the manager to complete the address entry which was an extra 40 mile drive.  After a half day of that kind of crap, I finally got my money.

The next time I win more than $599 I hope it's more than $5000 so I can drive straight to the lottery office in Columbus and take care of everything right there.

Hopefully the day will come when I will have such a "problem".