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A regular system for PB if you know the Bonus Ball...

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: July 15, 2010, 1:12 am - IP Logged

i owe this system/idea to:

Germaine Duppree i think is his name married to Janet Jackson and to RJOH...Saw a picture of Dupree and the way it was position gave me this idea...Is not a powerful system is a regular semi-medium system...I thought of this like 2 years but been lazy and forget many times to type it...Maybe this could help someone....

Here is part of RJOH system:

I will use the following 7 distribution patterns:
A = 1-19   B = 20-38   C = 39-56

   1. AABBC           
   2. ABBCC           
   3. AABCC         
   4. ABCCC         
   5. AAABC           
   6. ABBBC         
   7. AACCC

The idea i got from Dupree was why not use: 16 size wheel...

You will be using 5 from each A, B and C...What if those 5 were: Hot only numbers or Cold only numbers...

you could for Hot numbers only for example that are from: A = 1-19 and pick 5 numbers...You do the same with:  B = 20-38 and with: C = 39-56....

then, you get this wheel: Y5-3T516....from the wheel store...It will give you: 30, 3/5´s is size 16 if you use size 15 for the same prize you can get maybe: 40, 3/5´s...Because the range is small you should get several 4/5´s and possibly 5/5´s...All you got to do is KNOW the Bonus ball every drawing...And you Pool...A 5/5 is: $250,00...Also lets say you get: 10, 4/5 and you get the bonus ball = $100,000...

If you use it in HOT LOTTO...And you are using 5 out of every letter every letter should have 13 so you are using like 50% or 46%....

Now that i think about it this system is more powerful than thought...For instance, Hot lotto which is a Pick5/39 is really most of the drawings are: from 3-36 or 2-38...If is 3-36...Then is a Pick5/33...How many hot numbers does a Pick5/33 game has: like 13 so 33 minus 13 = 20 which means there is: 20 cold numbers only...So 20 divided by 3 letters = 6.6 and you are picking 5 out of 6...You will be picking like 93% of the numbers...

you just need the bonus ball...

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