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The Chifa Book ?

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July 6, 2008
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I was doing an Online Search on Numerology and Dream Interpretations and Came accros this chifa book. Please Let me know if you have one or know of a way to get one, without having to go to malaysia. Thanks 

Here is all the information i found on it.

When Westerners (Europeans & Americans) play the lottery, they usually associate certain numbers with their birthdays, anniversaries, car registration numbers, numbers found on receipts, etc etc. Penangites (and other Malaysians), however, are one-up on this because they have a special little clandestine book called the "chifa" book which correlates numbers to certain objects and actions. For example, if you dreamed of having gone fishing and made a big catch, you should refer to the chifa book and look up the picture of a person fishing. The corresponding number in this case for "fishing" is 771 and this will be the number to bet on. If your parrot had just dropped dead from its perch, you should look for the picture of a parrot and the number for it is 788. Were you looking for a paper bag last night and just couldn't find any? Could be a good omen in the making. The number for "paper bag" is 778.

The chifa book lists numbers beginning from 000 to 999 and thus consists of 1000 pictures showing a variety of objects and actions. What if certain objects or actions are not covered? No problem - you have to make some intelligent guesses that's all! For example, if you have just been slandered by somebody and I don't think there is a number for slander in the chifa book. You should straightaway relate "slander" to "lawyers" as you will obviously need their services if you wish to sue on those slanderous remarks. The number for a lawyer is 024 and therefore, the number to bet on is 024! If the case is going to be complicated and you think you need two lawyers - then add a 2 to 024 which makes it 2024. It's simple when you know how! However, in such a case, a word of caution. Legal fees are going to be expensive and so you will have to strike it really big!

"In spite of exhaustive inquiries I have not been able to trace the author of the chifa book. Rumours affirm that he made a fortune from the sale of the book and despite offers from renown publishers, he continues to publish the chifa book on his own and distributes it through the many "chai tiam mas" on the island. There have been numerous stories on how millions of ringgit were made through the astute reading of the chifa book and such reading skills are passed down from generation to generation. I will re-tell some of these stories on this page soon. Meanwhile, if you have any, please let me know."