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Individual State P-3 "In between" system testing phase

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June 1, 2009
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Posted: August 13, 2010, 9:28 pm - IP Logged

This is for mid to eve. If your state only has one draw, then the system simply follows draw to draw.

Do the following for your state. You must have this info to work this system.

Go back 14 days for states with 2 draws a day, and 28 days for states with only one draw per day.


Florida--- Saturday July 31: Mid-887.....eve-818

887818......From the first 8 to the second 8 is 0, because we never went anywhere...lol.........So the first number is 0.


From the second 8 to the 7 is one away, so the second number is 1.


From the 7 to the 8 in that row is 1 again. So the third number is 1.


So far we have 0-1-1

Next, from the 8 to 1 is 7.


And lastly, the 1 from 8 is 7 again.


So now we have  0-1-1-7-7

You keep doing this for 14 days(2 draws a day consecutively), or 28 days(1 draw a day consecutively).

This is what Florida had for the past 14 days at 2 draws a day.....

0-1-1-7-7-7-1-7-5-3-1-7-4-3-6-7-6-5-5-2-5-5-5-3-1-3-2-3-3-5-4-4-2-3-5-2-0-1-4-2-6-2-3-5-1-4-1-3-1-1-6-1-3-6-6-4-2-3-1-4-3-8-7-1-1-4-0-4-1-2-8-0-4-0-1-4-1-3-4-6-2-3-2-2.....the next number would reflect the first number in the Florida mid number on the 14th of August. What comes after 2?.............The number 3 comes in five times after the number 2, highlighted in red.

If we accept that the number 3 is the first number, we must now choose the second number for tomorrow's Florida mid number based on 3 as the first number.

What comes after 3?.....The number 1 comes in four times after the number 3.

So the second number is 1.

For the 3rd number we have to look to see what comes after 1.......I see that 7, 4 and 3 come in a lot after the number 1....I have to choose one, or just play all of them against the first 2 numbers.....317......314.....313

Do this for your state and report here if you like.

Good luck.

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    June 1, 2009
    5345 Posts
    Posted: August 14, 2010, 1:16 pm - IP Logged

    Oops, those combos above are wrong. I forgot to convert the in between numbers back to real numbers. So 317   314   and 313 must be converted. 

    The last number in last night's Florida winning eve number was 8, so from 8 we count up 3 spots. Giving the number 1. And then the same is done with the number 1, count up 1 spot from 8 is 9, and also for 7 ,4, and 3.

    So the new combos for today's mid are...195   192   191