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Numbers savant or slush puppy?

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Posted: August 20, 2010, 10:52 am - IP Logged

I don't believe in systems, If you can post ten pick 3 numbers in one day and have a hit in any state, that kind of impresses me.

so when people post 80 numbers for one state, only one, and by only playing evening numbers at $1 per bet x2 for straight and box, you would invest $2 x 80 =$160 PER DAY. Hey, play day and night, you're looking at $320 PER DAY!! Wow!

On the Number savants videos, he only mentions a few states and talks about 14 hits (boxed) in one state in 14 days. The most you will win, playing online for a $1 box play for a number like 123 is $150.00. A number with double in it, $300 and triples pay $900.

so, if you spend $160 per day, ONLY FOR midday, you will spend $2,240 for 14 days, that's if you only play midday or just eve numbers. So, of course you are going to play day and night, so $4,480 spent over 14 days to win 14 boxed hits of $150 each  (MINUS - service fees etc.) = Less than $2,100 ????? So, that is a loss of $2,380?

If you hit doubles and triples, it would still take a lot of those to get even close to covering your investment.

Now the excuse will be, well, you're only supposed to play the numbers you FEEL will come out, so what's the point?

I posted 8 pick 4 numbers on this link on August 5th.  http://www.lotterypost.com/thread/218516/1742509  In 9 days I had 9 hits boxed 1 was 1998 Straight in Texas. That would have been a $9,000 win for someone, so for $8 x 2 x 39 states, not including the boxed hits, I would be up $3,384. That does not impress me because what if the 1998 did not come out lol.... My wife would kick my arse. BUT, all those boxed hits?

Playing online, the 3200 in NY (my state) would have brought me $750 boxed and the 6913, $375.00 So for even at 9 days (they actually came out sooner) @$32 per day, $288 investment would have MADE me $837.... You see?

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