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Dream help with Numbers Please !

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Posted: August 30, 2010, 4:30 pm - IP Logged

Good Afternoon!

Dreamt that I was decorating a Christmas Tree. There was one large wreath, but lots of round ornaments.

My dad was with me. I had a hamburger to eat, and he said that was too little for us to eat, that I must call a restaurant and order him some food.  Then it was a wedding, but I did not see the people, someone called me and I was dressed in a green pants suit.

Then I seen one black dog, I was holding his face.

I also seen lots of cars and trucks. I was putting 2 gals. of paint in a white car, the white paint was getting on my blouse, so I put a towel to catch the paint.

Then a man came and gave me 2 @ 5 gal. containers of paint. 

Wierd Dreams. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!