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Pick-4 for Dummies Tuesday 09/07/2010

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Posted: September 7, 2010, 11:49 am - IP Logged

Pick-4 for Dummies Pre-Test Numbers:

0287 1492 2030 3845 4609 5526 6951 7374 8763 9118

These are Pre-test numbers from our daily numbers simulated game, good for ALL states Mid-day as well as Evening.
State specific numbers wil be run from our system and will be made available to subscribers of our service. Members of
my Player's Club who are not subscribers can obtain the numbers for a nominal charge by playing the state specific numbers
for us in their state. For questions and or comments please send me a PM{Private Message}, thank you and Good Luck today.


Ohio players, 6-2-3-5 (D) on Sunday, September 5th using my Magic Wheel hit for $10,600.00

South Carolina players, 8-1-7-0 (E) on Sunday, September 5th using my Magic Wheel hit for $10,600.00

Michigan players, 9-3-3-4 (E) on Saturday, September 4th nailed it straight for over $25,000.00

players, 0-5-3-8 (E) on Friday, September 3rd who hit for over $30,000.00 using my Magic Wheel.

Ohio players, 8-1-5-6 (D) on Tuesday, August 3rd. This was a pick-4 number of the day which we nailed straight for our players in Ohio and for our pool.

Louisiana players, 5-8-9-7 (E) on Monday, August 2nd

Missouri players, 8-5-9-2 (E) on Monday, August 2nd

Arkansas Players, 0-5-7-8 on Sunday, August 1st who hit for over Q25g - $25,000.00

Arkansas Players, 6-9-8-8 (D) on Saturday, July 31st

Tri-States Players, 4-2-1-6 (E) on Friday, July 30th

Washington, D.C. Players, 6-7-3-5 (E) on Wednesday, July 21st

Maryland Players, 5-4-2-7 (D) on Monday, July 19 hit for over $25,000.00

Missouri Players, 7-1-3-1 (D) on Saturday, July 17th

Puerto Rico Players, 9-4-5-2 (E) on Saturday, July 17th, this simulated Pool winner hit for over $100,000.00

Results for Monday, September 6, 2010
Pick-4 Daily Lottery Simulated Pool

Day / Date State Game Number Winnings *Member  Share
Mon, Sep 6, 2010 Indiana Daily 4 Midday 5-4-8-1 $3600.00 $36.00
Mon, Sep 6, 2010 Kentucky Pick 4 Evening 6-0-5-1 $600.00 $6.00
Mon, Sep 6, 2010 New York Win 4 Midday 2-6-5-7 $600.00 $6.00
Mon, Sep 6, 2010 Virginia Pick 4 Night 2-6-8-7 $600.00 $6.00
Mon, Sep 6, 2010 West Virginia Daily 4 0-4-7-1 $600.00 $6.00

*Before Taxes

Thank You