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Georgia midday hit with Doubles Storm !

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Posted: September 8, 2010, 6:16 am - IP Logged

 In the last 32 draws...... Ga Midday has had a bad rash of Doubles !  Eek


 In the last 32 days......HALF of all draws have been Doubles.   


 16 singles........and 16 doubles !     What ever happened to good old 27% doubles?  


 50% of the draws have been doubles ........... but it has actually been catch up time for the Midday. 



 Another strange stat going on right now....... Of the last 32 draws..... 20 of them have been Mostly to ALL IN digits.....and only 12 have been the Mostly to all OUT digits.  

 But now......... I hope this will slow way down.    Beware or Be Square.  


Good Luck !           

                           P.S.    Maybe that missing Root 5 will hit with a Single number now. 



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