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Would you let your close friend know

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Posted: September 16, 2010, 9:40 pm - IP Logged

my whole entire life I have made a lot friends but once my life is at the very bottom only 2 or 3 are "true" friends I consider. This day in age, it is really hard to find true friends who would stick to you no matter what situation you're in. Even worse, finding the right "girl" or wife is harder now a day in this society.

I haven't had to deal with finding out who my true friends are yet, but thanks to being a pretty private person I only keep a few friends so the friends I have are all close (have quite a few "casual acquaintances"). Of the 5 or so real friends, I would only tell one of them if I had won it big. He has been my closest friend for years plus we live in different cities now, don't share groups of friends and most of the people he hangs out with are well off so even if he did tell them they wouldn't care.

That's if I collected through a blind trust. If I didn't then my name would be in the papers and news so I wouldn't really need to worry about telling people as most likely they would already know.


I was looking at the scratch-off's and prizes for my state (checking to see which ones were worth buying) and the thought came to me that if I won one of the Set for Life games I wouldn't tell anyone about winning as I think I could actually keep it secret from people. Sure there would still be my name in the news but it wouldn't get as much coverage as a Mega Millions or Powerball win.