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FL Fantasy Five & Mega Money # = close call,,

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Posted: September 20, 2010, 6:08 pm - IP Logged

Sun Smiley"For those of you keeping track of the Mercury cycle, in Florida, the
signs moved in on the 16th. The Fantasy 5 came in...01-10-13-16-33,
along with Mega Money...11-12-13-36 MB: 03. This set up the ideal time
for us to play the Florida Lottery on the 18th. We keyed in the
06-16-26. You'll remember this from the July 4 cycle. We took the eight
Mercury numbers...03-12-20-22-30-31-33-36. Giving us 56 combinations of
three. Hoping we could hit with a Mercury connection for the book. We
missed, but it cam in close with 06-12-19-26-30-31. If the 19 was 16, we
would've had 6 of 6. We did get 5 of 6 for $2,600.00, and had multiple
tickets with 3 and 4 of 6. If you happen to hit one in your state, be
ssure to let us know, as the cycle will continue for another ten days.

Look at your chart, with the fixed, cardinal, and mutable numbers, and
you'll see how we came up with this play." ~Gillens

Mercury Money Madness