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Our Daily Digits: Maloney $tyle

Topic closed. 30 replies. Last post 6 years ago by LAVERNE MALONEY.

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August 5, 2003
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Posted: October 27, 2010, 5:35 pm - IP Logged

Thanks for all the hard work/analysis LaVerne-

Theres gotta be something we can grab a hold of here-

Something we can make profitable.....its always so difficult, while I understand all of your analysis DOES

help to make picks more effective....I just wish I had the time to do all the hard work U put into all these drawings.

Im pretty certain if I could take the time, look at my neighboring states and use a lot of the work you've done on this

site, that I would pick a few more winners......as it is I have picked VERY poorly this year.

You are welcome !

Perhaps once you have identified the digit(s), look at what came out in the previous month & deduct those #s from your list. You must always be careful of repeats. 

In having a platinum membership, what are some of the tools that you have used to help you with your # selections?