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Green Sage Report For Georgia

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Posted: September 21, 2010, 1:12 am - IP Logged

Good  Evening  everyone.  I'm posting this early so hopefullyit will help the family figure out what's going on.  Here is the Georgia  Midday Report first.



Position (1) the  3  digit is out for  54 draws.

Position (2) the  1  digit is out for  15 draws.

Position (3) the  2  digit is out for  25 Draws!


Any position the digit  4  is out for  7 draws!  

No match Pair  48  is out for  70 draws

Double  22’s  are out for  44  draws!





Position (1) the  4  digit is out for 39  draws.

Position (2) the  2  digit is out for 34  draws.

Position (3) the  3  digit is out for 44 draws!


Any position the digit  2  is out for 7  draws!  

No match Pair  47  is out for 85draws

Double  33’s  are out for 105  draws!


Bringing the Green Sage ReportBack!  Get the popcorn out this is going to be good!


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