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The Fastest Way to Win the Lottery by Pooling and win: $9,000 with it if you lose

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: October 3, 2010, 11:21 pm - IP Logged

Let´s use Hot Lotto...First you find a system/wheel/filter that you know and are convinced is going to win you the jackpot with: $10,000 dollars...I´ve heard several LP members say that if they had: $10,000 they will win: Hot LOtto or California Super Lotto plus...You pool with: 6 people...each one puts in: $84 dollars...It will be: $500 dollars..You then get 20 pool groups of people of: 6 members each...each person of each pool group pays: $84 dollars...

It will be: $10,000...Let´s say the jackpot is: $6 million dollars...Once your pool group wins..Each one receives: $1 Million dollars...But you can not spend it you put it in the bank and you will receive the money in: 4 years...

$50,000 earned interests from each million x 4 years = $1.2 Million dollars...Each pool group of 5 or 6 [all 20 of them] receives: $50,000....Divide: $50,000 by 6 or by 5 = $9,000...

After the, 4 years each person gets each million of the pool group that won: It will be like an annuity...

part of this idea i owe it to: basil, saw his post and it gave me an idea....

everytime they bet each person is putting: $83 dollars or $100 dollars...but hopefully it will be just, 1 time if is true that with: $10,000 a person can win Hot Lotto or the jackpot....

after they win the: $6 Million the 20 pool groups raffle the $6 Million to see which pool group will win it...

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