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Mega-Millions & Powerball Teamwork.

Topic closed. 17 replies. Last post 7 years ago by savagegoose.

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Would you consider teaming up to select the winning numbers and share the Jackpot with your partner?

Definitely. Yes [ 19 ]  [67.86%]
Not a Chance i'm Greedy. No [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
With the right person. Maybe [ 9 ]  [32.14%]
Already am, it a secret so Stifle it! [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
Total Valid Votes [ 28 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 1 ]  
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Posted: October 8, 2010, 10:14 pm - IP Logged

how is ot to work, we list our numbers, so others dsont play them. but keep all winings to oursaelves?

No, the way i would like to do it is to buddy up with someone i can relate to.

I would like to pick the #'s on the eve of the draw. If either party is not available, no big deal, no pressure. Not like were obligated to be there, if we choose to select our #'s the day before, it's all good, just don't want to advertise them till the eve of the draw. Clown 

I would also like to do it over a chat program like google talk, or skype. This is a way to make friends and to see if we make a good team. Makes it easier more personal and faster, no personal messaging as i do not prefer typing.

We would talk about our stragedy's, pick our numbers and play away.

We could also team up in the Challenges. Like WinlotBob or BigCutlas<snip>ter, MADCUTLASS. Who knows who may like to team up, it's a personal preference.

Just a thought.

I would be more than happy to open up Skype so we could chat or video chat. I think Skype allows multiple people to be connected at one time. I also used to host up Tournaments for Golden Tee Golf on Case Ladder we used "TeamSpeak" There's a good program, i believe i still have the client and server, may just need to update them. If i hosted the server the person connecting would only need the client.

There may be a thought for Todd. Maybe he would like to get a FREE TeamSpeak Channel, that way we could all join and bullsh*t away. You can make different rooms up, one for pick 3, 1 for pick 4 one for Mega, Power you get the point.

*BURP* I shouldn't be posting while drinking i get long winded. *BURP*

How about those RedWings, Shut out the Ducks 4-0 first game of the season.

Cutla$$Bob Out   *BURP*

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    Posted: October 9, 2010, 9:42 pm - IP Logged

    come me in also

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      Posted: October 12, 2010, 5:34 am - IP Logged

      oic sort of number picking . with  ike a pen pal, but modern age.

      well i do a few pools but theres no discussions really. no picking  numbers together,i just get a  " you want more money ? when are we gonna win "

      sure id buddy up, but i live in aust.

      something like this would prob need e to buy 2 tickets of same numbers here, and put buddies name on the back if it hits  a jackpot,.

      and buddy buys 2 tickets over there in USA, and puts my name on the back of 1 if it hits a pot.


      equal value of purchases. equal prizes. decide numbers.


      yea i could see that actually working. also the urge to rip ea other off would be mitigated by the fact there are 2 tickets 1 for ea of you.

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