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Retailers Entering 2nd Chance Drawings

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August 8, 2009
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Posted: October 5, 2010, 4:25 am - IP Logged

Wondering if I'm the only one tired of seeing retailers winning the 2nd chance drawings? Pretty obvious when a particular nationality with a particular name wins consistently. I know for a fact, they talk among themselves more so than Americans - clan stragety on bringing more over, financing them, etc... this little nugget about retaining discarded tickets is now well known with them.

Not enough they get a commission with each ticket sold plus a bonus when a big winning ticket sells... they collect on winning discarded tickets and enter the losers, as well.

JQPublic is on the losing end of the stick unless you work where they're sold... and if "they" own the establishment, an American won't work there - it will be more of their family or another clan immigrant.

Shame there isn't a law against such qradruple dipping.

Even tho the clans tend to finance the businesses, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to know many are financed by JQPublic as small business loans, as well. Had a fellow say the same about much of this years ago to me and I poo-pooed him... being that my best friend for many years was one, even to the point of naming my daughter after her... until the job she promised me for 20 years was given to another clan member. Real disheartening wake-up call to reality.