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my new game for lotto i call AWESOMO

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Posted: October 21, 2010, 5:10 pm - IP Logged

ook i been crunching some numbers for a 1c game, and how to play and run it.

it based on australian powerball, but the draw number must be in order , called permuation.

so the odds of winning are

45 x 44 x 43 x42 x41 ,and  pball  x 45


45*44 =1980

1980 x43 = 85140

85410x42= 3575880

3575880x 41 = 146611080

146611080 x 45 = 6 597 498 600


yeah odds of  6.5 bill to one


but at only 1c a line,  only 65 mill to cover all combos.

ill only work on getting all numbers and no lower tier prizes. so most of the money goes to jakpotting or paying the highest division

as it takes 65 mill to cover it could have a payout on only the top prize of $50 mill to start the ball rolling, and jackpot significantly if no one wins.



how to play, to take a pre picked ticket on normal powerball but combine all the combos to any order is

120 combinations. so to play the extra game AWESOMO would cost an extra $1.20 a line, a tick box could be included on standard entry forms.


but you could also buy any amount of random " quick picks " say to the clerk, $5 bucks worth of random AWESOMO PLZ.  and they will generate 500 random bets for you.


now here is where it gets tricky, for americans, but quite easy for austrlaian lotto the printing of your bearer ticket.


i suggest that usb devices be used to store and play the numbers. but the usb file isnt the ticket, the printed  reciept is the actual claim, and a file name is printed on the recipt, and in the USB file the numbers are stored. also they are stored on the lottery comissions database,. and the ticket num,ber is the actual claim,. not thge USB file.


the file on the USB  would only be for player use to check numbers.  and ownership of the file is no claim on the win.


also thre usb could be used to play your numbers, a txt file of just your numbers with say a .lot extention would be the ones you buy when plugging it into the terminal. this would aide wheelers and suck and save filling out 10000's of coupons.

the played numbers could be saved as a.win txt file


finally a player ID card could be introduced, attaching the player ID to the ticket, in the data base when purchased. you would scan the card insert the usb or buy a ticket, and the fact that you are the registered player would be stored,

1 on the reciept

2 in the file on the USB

3 in the file stored at lotto HQ.


i say its easy here in oz, as we already haver player id cards. the usb thing was just a convinient way to enter a ton of plays.


also more complicated combos, could be entered say a system 7, where all 7 numbers are permutated in every way of 5 numbers. it would get pricey pretty fast.


lotto could send out a USB TO registered players when they purchase their player card. for maybe $5


(C) savagegoose, incase anyplace thinks they want to use it.

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