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Using math to develop winning strategies

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Posted: December 31, 2010, 11:06 pm - IP Logged

As most of us know, the lottery was adjusted to thwart all efforts to win by systems. Back when it started, there was a marginal level of player ingenuity which afforded one a slight advantage against the salient odds. Today, that advantage is non-existent. However, there actually IS a formula to maximize your chances of winning: First, you have to stick with a set of numbers that results from this formula. Second, you'll be playing for quite awhile before you win anything. Third, faith is your only ally in this scheme. Forget birthdays, anniversary dates, and baseball scores. If anyone plays Lottery Scratchers enough, they'll see certain number combinations on non-winning tickets. In California, it's obvious that you'll not win (or, at least you won't win much) when these numbers appear on a single ticket: 7-9-14-28-29-32-33-35. However, these numbers DO show up on the Lotto draws, and also on our Fantasy 5 games. Your system will entail selecting a group of these numbers after they appear on previous lottery draws. Whichever numbers you pick, they'll eventually show up during a future drawing. Don't try this until I've actually won something worthy of an updated post. These numbers will vary by state, so you may see non-winning combinations that differ from California's numbers.

Ok this is an interesting comparison....scratchers to Lotto which I'm thinkin is a ball drop and good old Fantasy 5 which is drawn by a computer.

In a 5/39 game you'll see many numbers that tend to repeat because the pool of numbers is so small. LOL any numbers you pick will eventually show up........maybe just not together. I never stick to a set of numbers because as you will find that "set" of numbers will continue to change.

Oh and I won over 2 thousand dollars on my 3rd ticket ever purchased for Lotto (before it was changed to Super Lotto) all in a matter of one weeks time. So much for playing for quite awhile before winning.

I will agree on faith...you gotta have it!

Be a little more "flexible"  with your formula and hopefully you'll update us soon. : )

Just get me thru this so called life......