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doubles pick three.

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November 25, 2010
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Posted: November 25, 2010, 7:22 pm - IP Logged

a good  tip  it has worked for me  a  numerous amount of times, just stick with it, on  sat  after the eve  pick 3  im using  n.j...   calculate  from  last  sun miday and eve pick 3. to  sat eve. pick 3 pick the # that  came out the most times.. and  the  # the least times.. say  #1 came out  1  time  and 8 came out 10 times..  play   118 wheeled  st and box or as many times you  want/  if 2  #s came out the same amount of  times  use the  # that  came out  first during the week.  you also  can  play  881 st and box  as  a back up  play  or use  81  frt  pair  or  18  frt  pair   you have to limit  your  plays  and  then  go for the  bang hit; the  #s that came  out  the  most  and  least  during the  past  7days  are your  best  bets,  remember  the  least  #S played.is  best  and then  bang those  few  #S  another good  play  is  in the last 14 days  key  your  coldest #S   two  #S  with  the  2  hottest  #S  in the  last   14 days. good luck