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Can someone Tell me What this Dream Number...

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 6 years ago by DREAMtoREALITY.

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: November 30, 2010, 5:17 pm - IP Logged

Last night i had the 2nd most beautiful dream in my life...I dream that i was in a jungle but it wasnt a jungle all the trees were the size of sequoia trees, it was like a giant mesh city of trees...They were so BEAUTIFUL THE COLOR THE TREES HAD...The trees didnt have leafs...You could walk, glide, run, everything was trees...It wasnt a city, or jungle...the best way i´ll use to describe it was it was a: KINGDOM...Like the magical kingdom of Disney...There were people in robes, and there were people look like arabs some with turbans...There were even lions, female lions here and there....birds, butterflies...But what struk me the most was the: COLOR...i dont know if i´ve seen a color of the trees like that in nature...it was a unique brown...And the Kingdom was fill with different people...Every tree was the size of sequoia trees....there were trees on the floor where you could walk, everything was trees...Never heard or seen anything like it in real life...In the dream i thought: This must be a Kingdom...A Magical Kingdom....no leafs...3rd most beautiful dream in my life...

any numbers...

sorry to say this but my room was stinky of urine...something i suspect makes you dream vivid dreams maybe even psychic dreams is sleeping with something that has urine or sweat....the light had gone and in the dark i went to pee and pee a little on my own sweater, it was a little bit, then i had grab the sweater throw it in the hampster and gone to bed, and half a sleep i could smell the urine but i was so tired...

think about it, how many cases  have you heard of people donating their kidneys and the person having psychic dreams...Well what do you think the kidney does?? it handles urine...

At the end of the dream we had grabbed a blond toddler and stepped him/her outside the kingdom, why i dont know...I remember the first thing i said when i step into the kingdom was: WHAO!!!...

any numbers...

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    Posted: November 30, 2010, 5:33 pm - IP Logged

    jungle  176 -4287

    012 - 078 - 878/ 842/042 - 087 / 887

    trees 041  /418

    trees 021 - 025 / 258

    toddler 034 / 348

    boy 061 / 168

    urine 024/824


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