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Does A Lottery Winner Really Need A Financial Expert?

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January 5, 2011
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Posted: January 5, 2011, 11:03 am - IP Logged

Reading these posts with what we would do when “we” win the big prize from the lottery, is a very a good exercise for the real thing, when it happens. We all dream of winning the ultimate prize but what to do when it actually happens. Then planning for this must part must be now, before that happens just like all of you (and I are doing) reading, listening and learning. All the information that you share here is very valuable we are all learning from this.

There are tons of accountants and attorneys that would love to take you on as a client. That’s why we must all do our homework research now and start checking who would best be suited to present you and your foundation, your future because the tax man will come every year not just the first time when you win and you need to know when, how and where your money is going. Because the one handling you funds is taking their cut too. What’s left for you……..

I have recently watched television shows about previous winners who have won large prizes from the lottery; some did very well which is most what we want to do, for ourselves and our family. Then there were those who did poorly to the point of bankruptcy. We don’t want that.

We have to watch who we hire to handle our winnings, helping us to distribute the funds in the right accounts, watch who we tell of our glorious moment. Because there is a lot of greed and jealousy even from the accountant and attorneys even family.

There is a lot of homework to do, a lot of research. We can’t all just be buying tickets every day, or week; we need to know when it happens what we would do. We all have a goal and it will happen, now what do we do with it? Remember do your research as if this is happening today. Know what you’ll do.

Good Luck all and God Bless……

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    January 9, 2011
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    Posted: January 9, 2011, 3:35 am - IP Logged

    No financial advisor for me.


    An accountant, and a lawyer is all I would get on retainer. 


    I would be taking zero financial risks on a big payout. I'd be content to earn a modest 4% a year. 


    People looking to get a 15-20% return will probably turn over chunks of money to an advisor, but such returns are not without risks, and its all too easy to be wiped out before you know what the heck happend