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Lottery numbers in graphic

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January 13, 2007
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Posted: January 5, 2011, 4:27 pm - IP Logged

Hi folks,


Happy New Year, 2011.

Sorry, that I'm NOT one of the 2 BIG Mega Millions winners.

I do not live in Ephrata, Washington.  I live in Seattle.

Sorry that isn't a good news.

The reason I'm writing in this forum...

Do any of you know a site that may have the list of graphic LOttery numbers, such as graphic of white balls with numbers on them, and the yellow balls for Mega Millions, and red balls for Powerball????  Just for collections of lottery numbers in graphic balls that I could copy and paste from a website to e-mails to send out winning numbers to my firends.

I would like to collect 59 white balls graphic, and 46 yellow balls, and 39 red balls graphic.

Any suggestions??

Hope this helps with answers.

Thank you,