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I AM TRIPING TODAY!! Post your grunts your regrets your MADNESS,PLEASE let me start

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Posted: January 6, 2011, 9:53 pm - IP Logged

If marge was a woman she....oops i forgot in ga when you say*******they take it as a terroristic threat!!! this broad is pissing me off!!! again tonight i had the 789 2x just like that had the 660,990 and the p4 that fell straight but did not get to play it i gave it to a nice lady who didnt go play it either, geez i forgot to flip. this is going to be a quick grunt cause i just off loaded on one of the greatest members here, maybe he will think i am bonkersBUT IF YOU HAVE BEEN Playing your no and it fell when you didnt play it forgot to play it or the cashier was just slow post it HERE!!!, if your da+++##@# boyfriend or ex or spouse or brother, mother sister cousin, think you should quit playing nos post it here, they always have their hand out when you hit!!!! then your a genius, rant rant rant stop wasting your money, why dont you just give it to me......heheheh wow they must think that we are really stupid, you never let your right hand know what the left hand is doing put some up be quiet quit telling on yourself, you hit good but not good enough because the money you won is part of the money that you spent getting it, AND DONT you hate it when someone tells you to play a no and dont give you the money for it handing you a big list i bet if you play it for them and they dont hit your not going to get your money, they get amnesia, i had a friend that did that but stopped, OK OK  when i hit good sometimes small if i see someone that i think needs it i will give them some, im not totally greedy, it seems like the more i give it comes back a thousand fold, but dont be stupid dont give it all, THERE IS A REASON WHY YOU PLAY THE LOTTEry to win some money not give it away. Dont you hate it when you got pencil in hand at the store and you are writting the winning no down asking you for a good no and doesnt even play it, then starts a conversation with you he really didnt want the no he WANTED YOUR NO, you lost your thought and forgot to write the right no he willnever hear from me again, ya messed up my money! what about when you write the no down on your hand run to the store and forget all about the no that you wrote down, ooooh i feel better already, i was so mad a little while ago i was having lottery meltdown, and i was saying i quit quit quit, but i think i feel a little better now....... I think i better start better lottery management, some of you all are so organized,  wish i was more like that, ok so post whatever you want here if it make you feel better, and i have no idea why i got this bold print and cant take it off, i tried, ok anyhow good luck players the year just started blessings to all